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Jim Kempton

We gratefully acknowledge the outstanding achievements and contributions that Jim Kempton has made in the area of Journalism. Jim roamed the PHS halls in the late '60s, serving as ASB president in the year he graduated, '69, claiming the illustrious honor of "Biggest Flirt" senior standout, and soaking in the SoCal sun on his custom skateboard fashioned straight out of the pages of Surfer Magazine.  In 1978 he took over the helm of that same magazine, serving as editor for a five-year stint. His contribution to the magazine was so impactful on its readers that now, a quarter of a century later, dedicated fans still approach Kempton to ask him how things are at the magazine, without realizing he hasn't been with Surfer for over two decades.  In the following years, Kempton's career has included TransWorld Publishing (publisher and editor), Quiksilver Crossing (director), and Billabong, surfing's top lifestyle brand (media director). Currently, he writes an editorial column which is carried by regional newspapers, and he's a contributing writer for several surfing publications. The 1978 winner of the distinguished California Arts Award of Excellence in Editorial Writing also counts two published books on surfing among his accomplishments. Never one for idleness, Kempton also serves on the board for Surfing America, the national governing body of the sport. Among his more passionate of pursuits is the California Surf Museum in Oceanside, California, of which he has been president for the past seven years. In the 25 years since its inception, the museum has welcomed over 500,000 visitors.

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