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Celebrating Over 50 Years

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The Poway High Foundation and Alumni Association in association with Poway High School are pleased to announce the "Titan Museum & Hall of Fame". Located on the school campus, the museum features artifacts and history about the students and school as well as information about our Hall of Fame recipients, a complete catalog of year books, and achievements in academics, sports, and music.

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History Of Poway High

December 17, 1959, the Escondido Union High School District’s Board of Trustees purchased the land for the site of Poway High School. The buildings were constructed by the J.R. Hortie Company of San Diego and the Smiley Brothers of El Cajon. The school included seven buildings. One building housed the resource center, library, three classrooms, a reading laboratory, and three conference rooms. There was an administration building, a gymnasium with showers and lockers, a shop, and a facility with two classrooms. Originally, the “plant” was capable of accommodating 775 students. The enrollment at the time the school was completed was 411 students. The master plan for the school made it possible to educate a total of 1,800 students.

Poway High School was first dedicated on November 4, 1961, at 11:00 a.m. The staff, students, school district, and community members convened for a formal ceremony and afterwards celebrated with an open house, BBQ, and football game.

With the new construction completed in 2008, Poway High School further illuminates the dream of its originators. We have over 18 buildings that house classrooms, a library, offices, conference rooms, auto and wood shops, and over 600 computers. Our 21st century facilities are equipped with up-to-date technology that assists staff in serving our 2,400 students.


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Former Principals

Victor Sherreit 1962
Perry Fuller 1963-1964
James Olivero 1965-1966
Thomas Fine 1967
Dan Thompson 1968-1971
Steve Zorich 1972-1973
Wallace Gardner 1974-1977
Don Oakes 1978-1979
Tom Robinson 1980-1986
David Hughes 1987-1989
Fred VanLeuven 1990-1993
Jerry Leininger 1994-1998
Scott Fisher 1999-2013
Ron Garrett 2013-2018
Richard Nash 2018-